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Finding the purpose of your life and how it can transform your work and personal experiences is not an easy task; it requires a deep and honest work with yourself. Based on the methodology proposed by Simon Sinek to find your WHY, the Croppers embark on a personal and individual path to find our life purpose. With the collaboration of a great facilitator we managed to find our why and more importantly build the why of our company. In this exercise we realized that our purposes were very aligned, since we seek justice, equity, recognition, education and the creation of opportunities for rural communities. Know our WHY below:


Create opportunities and develop the potential of farming, so that we build empowered, equitable and prosperous communities.

Who we are

We are a business with extensive experience in the rural sector at a national and international level, with a diversity of experts who have worked on sustainable development projects in several countries. Our purpose is to generate knowledge, information, innovation and sustainable practices associated with agriculture, with the participation of various actors in the value chains. We want to make the world of agriculture a place full of opportunities for producers, communities and stakeholders in the sector, building links and managing projects with strategic partners and various sources of resources.


Sustainable development and the generation of growth opportunities in the rural world is our main objective, which we build through the use of new technologies and the appropriation of good practices through the transfer of knowledge.

We focus our efforts on building capacities to empower the actors in the value chains through innovative models that allow us to develop the potential of sustainable agriculture


We recognize that the future lies in agriculture and rural communities. That is why Promising Crops will be a leader in the rural sector in terms of technology, innovation, education, marketing and sustainability, generating social, environmental and economic rewards for all stakeholders, positioning itself as a strategic ally at the national and international level for the management and articulation of programs and projects having a positive impact on rural areas.


As of the first quarter of 2020, a time marked by drastic social changes and challenges faced by economies, which we are currently experiencing, we set out to redefine Promising Crops that had already been created and operated by our leader Olga Lucia for four years, to transform it into a broader initiative and encompassing other fields of the rural world based on the capabilities, knowledge and experiences of its new partners and strategic allies. In this new path we want to contribute to the integral development of farming, to agriculture and communities with our values: transparency, equity and sustainability, an adventure and path full of opportunities that we decided to travel together.

Creativity and Innovation

Construction of new sustainable business models


Generate and manage interdisciplinary knowledge


Create opportunities for all: everyone participates and everyone wins


We believe in business based on professional ethics


Recognize the rural work of the farming family and its community

Cooperation and Solidarity

The creation of alliances for sustainable development projects generates benefits for all participants

Olga L. Cuéllar G.

My why: Develop farming and its “invisible” people through knowledge and empathy, converting something basic into something extraordinary so that together we change the game to build a more just and mutually rewarding farming.

Olga Lucía Cuéllar Gómez has her roots in the Colombian Coffee Region and she never imagined that this landscape in the green heart of Colombia was the one that would inspire her for 13 years to fall in love with farming and its agricultural products.

Olga obtained her master's degree in Latin American Studies from the University of Arizona. During her studies she discovered the gap that exists between producers and their clients. This generated frustration that prompted her to work on sustainable models always including the voice and perspective of the farmer and building commercial relationships based on transparency.

Four (4) years ago Olga Lucia founded Promising Crops. In the course of these last four years she contributed to the development of a sustainability program for coffee and tea producers. Today, from Promising Crops, Olga Lucía wants to offer her experience to create, reinvent and work hand in hand with her partners to build new perspectives that contribute to the development of rural communities.

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Luis A. Cuéllar G.

My why: With my talents, help others develop their own talents and their inner potential, while at the same time we learn everything we can in each experience, in such a way that together we interact with the full potential of our minds and create a world full of opportunities for all.

His relevant experience includes coordinating agricultural and agroindustrial projects aimed at improving rural income through sustainable production systems and in value chains such as coffee and cocoa. His work has been developed at the level of producer organizations, local and international NGOs, extension services, agricultural research entities, private exporters, international cooperation agencies, among others. He has experience in the articulation of strategic alliances, as well as in leveraging resources for various rural projects.

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Oscar Urrego R.

My Why: Explore new approaches, new ways of seeing things, with which we can devise solutions that have never been thought of, for unresolved societal problems, in such a way that these ideas can help to vindicate the rights and conditions of the most vulnerable, thus creating a more egalitarian and polite world.

Oscar Urrego is curious about scientific and technological development, questions the principles that govern the world, considering the possibilities and the relativity of each situation. He feels a commitment to the defense of the rights of those whose rights have been violated, mainly rights regarding access to education and primary services. He feels that the potential of his country, Colombia, and that of the other countries in the region is immense, so he tries to find solutions to serious problems within our community. Thus, he believes that in order to achieve change, the importance of farming and agriculture must be recognized: the work carried out there and the culture that arises from this work carried out by people who have been entrusted with an essential task for the development of the rest of society. Therefore, he wants to bring the development of technology to rural areas so they are able to face the innovation challenges that arise in the face of the so-called fourth industrial revolution in which we find ourselves.

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Carlos A. Cuéllar G.

My Why: Being able to change the world with an incredible team of people, so that we can build a more just and equitable society for all.

During his academic and professional experience, he has developed an interest in social problems in different contexts, which has awakened his devotion to participate and work on viable solutions for communities in vulnerable situations; in addition to being able to work in interdisciplinary teams to achieve goals. He is a Political Scientist with emphasis on conflict resolution and research for peace, with experience in the formulation, management, advisory and evaluation of different kinds of social projects with base communities and vulnerable populations.

He loves sports and is a faithful believer in the growth mindset, always ready to improve and learn from every moment of life. With a clear purpose, team effort and a constructive mindset we can overcome all challenges.

A big fan of superheroes: “Life doesn't give us a purpose. We give life a purpose” Flash

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Diana María Ramírez

My Why: Contribute to the development and fulfillment of the business objectives and projects in the coffee industry with my experience and acquired knowledge. Provide project with sufficient and evident tools that drive the coffee communities, their managers, and work teams to take the reins of their development and thus obtain a better economic benefit and well-being for their families and their communities.

Diana Maria has been developing her career in coffee from the region of Quindío to incursion into national and international scenarios. From acquiring basic knowledge in cupping based on her fundamentals in agro-industrial knowledge, she has deepened for more than 20 years in the physical and sensory analysis of green coffees and coffee by-products that are used as raw materials, passing through the quality control in the coffee roasting and grinding processes, going on to the sensory analysis of finished products for final consumers. Her work experience included the promotion of coffee consumption in Colombia through the improvement of the preparation processes in bars and restaurants under the "Golden Cup Circle" program created by the National Federation of Coffee Growers during a period for the promotion of consumption, the improvement of the preparation and the use of better quality raw materials.

Her passion for coffee, together with her experience acquired in her first years as a professional, lead her in a virtuous circle to work in national and regional coffee roasting companies, deepening her knowledge in the techniques of the coffee roasting and grinding processes. Diana also developed a tremendous experience in cupping and tasting of beverages, leading her to build familiarity in the operative processes of coffee shops and later in coffee mills, working with a Colombian exporting firm in which she focused on the evaluation of the high-quality coffees purchased and in the profiling of the so-called specialty coffees that are high-value coffees in the market.

Given her technical knowledge that she combines with her professional and work experience, she has also participated in the transfer of knowledge through her career as an Instructor for the SENA Regional Quindío, highlighting her abilities in the communication and training of young apprentices in the coffee industry. She is currently certified as a Quality Grader Cupper (known as Q-Grader) for Arabica coffees by the SCA - Specialty Coffee Association and is also certified as a Barista Level 1 SCAE - Specialty Coffee Association of Europe. She participated as part of the National Jury of the Cup of Excellence and Technical Judge of the National Barista Championship. Her training bases and professional interest are now leading her in self-learning and training in chocolate tasting to support cocoa producers in Colombia.

Alejandra Sierra

My Why: Contribute from design sensibility to broadcast information and ideas in a simple way, keeping them visually attractive bringing accessibility and creating positive user experiences.

Alejandra started in the visual design world moved by the passion and curiosity that technological tools generated in her for all the possible things they were able to do; because of her interest, empirically, learned to use a few software programs for her personal projects and then, when noticed it was something that she enjoyed, decided to study it professionally.

She considers design as a way to materialize ideas, to create, transform, modify and play with little and simple elements that when are placed in a certain way creates complex structures according to the requirements of each project. She's a believer that commitment and responsibility are key items to reach objectives and considers that social and ecological responsibility in actual times is vital to our existence as human beings, so contribute to promising crops's projects makes her feel like she's planting her seed since her knowledge area.

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