Innovation and Development

Innovation and development in agriculture are complementary concepts that must be adopted by all sectors involved in the value chain for the generation of knowledge, the use of good agricultural practices and the adequate management of resources. At Promising Crops we seek to generate alliances with universities and agricultural research entities that allow the construction of data geared towards strengthening the foundations of knowledge of the projects.

Applied Research and Development

At Promising Crops we believe in knowledge management, since the greatest asset that can always be used, never runs out and can be multiplied infinitely, is the knowledge that organizations have. The purpose is to disseminate, share, create and manage knowledge among all to bolster farming.

Education & Training

With our team and strategic allies we have the best education and training on cutting-edge issues of national and international agriculture. We take on the constant challenge of providing high-quality knowledge and adequate training of skills/abilities in accordance with the needs of our clients.

New Technologies & Good Practices

Promising Crops joins the challenges derived from the fourth industrial revolution called the digital era, where we want to apply these new technologies in the rural sector, starting with ICT, Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Business Intelligence, Business Analytics, among others, to empower farming and create “smart rural communities”.