Intelligent Rural Community

Promising Crops Manifesto

At Promising Crops we are aware of the needs for change, as well as the challenges for the transformation of farming and the promotion of new models of development and sustainability in rural communities, reason why we have the objective of building a more equitable and caring, collaborative and inclusive society that boosts farming, protects the environment and in which opportunities are built for all actors in the agro-industrial chains.

Therefore, we are committed to:

• Promote, facilitate and socialize best practices and experiences in agriculture.
• Support and manage projects that provide viable solutions to the needs of the rural sector.
• Design innovative and inclusive models for the sustainable development of farming.
• Manage alliances with various sectors of society at the national and international level to promote substantial programs and projects for agriculture.
• Transfer on as much knowledge as possible to train, build and develop skills of all those interested in improving value chains.

Our Partners

Lessons Learned

When designing and implementing development projects, very interesting learning curves are generated that account for the lessons learned, to change, adjust and improve these projects during their execution, as well as at the end of the project. From the experiences we gain in the projects, we at Promising Crops are committed to sharing these lessons from successes to mistakes, which help us as a community to execute projects with greater knowledge and learning, together with participating partners.

Programs and Projects

As professionals acting in development processes, we have designed, built, developed and implemented various projects, as well as participated in different programs. Within our team we have more than 60 years experience in creating strategic alliances with international and national entities.

We have contributed to the establishment of key operations, events and activities of non-governmental entities in Colombia and the creation of strategic alliances with government agencies at the national and regional level, together with local associations of agricultural producers and other private sector actors in the coffee, cocoa and tea value chains and other productive chains.

We have extensive experience in the design and creation of projects that include the integral perspective regarding the development of the actors, as of their needs and objectives; as well as knowledge in establishing programs with the dimensions of sustainability, agricultural productivity, applied research, the promotion and development of new value chains such as fruits, honey and cocoa, among others, through the design of projects with various methodologies that allow innovation and interdisciplinary integration, thus preserving teamwork.

In 2020 we registered the participation in consultancies and advisories, which coincide with the beginning of our activities and whose beneficiaries have given us the following testimonies about the work carried out, as follows:

"I know I speak for us all when I say it was such a pleasure to work with you. We appreciate your willingness to jump in and support us with many useful contacts and content for the business plan. We hope we will have a chance to work with Promising Crops during implementation!"
A lead technical advisor at a US-based international development firm.

“Olga with Promising Crops continues to provide exceptional and valuable consultation in assisting us with our goals/projects, for our coffee farm operations. Despite any task or problem at hand, Olga provides clear and effective solutions. She is professional and has an incredibly positive attitude. Her knowledge and motivation have driven our success in accomplishment of our current certification process.”
Michelle Ono, Farm Operation Manager in Hawaii.

“Promising Corps was invaluable in helping us establish the first verified sustainable coffee grower program in Kona.”
Gerard Bastiaanse, President of Hawaii Coffee Company.