Programs & Projects

Technical services and technological solutions can be carried out at three levels, from preliminary advisory and consultancy, coordination with strategic partners and stakeholders in the value chain, up to management and monitoring of projects in their implementation.

Consulting & Advisory

We are willing to provide our consulting services for specific components of projects or to participate as partners in their implementation.

Strategic Alliances

At Promising Crops we want to generate the construction and implementation of support, collaboration and execution networks based on the development of strategic alliances, and obtaining technical allies. Our broad development vision allows us to identify organizations, institutions and companies for the design and construction of multi-purpose networks.

Shared Experiences (Monitoring & Evaluation)

Promising Crops generates monitoring and evaluation processes to record the processes, account for the teachings and cultural practices and report farming results to the world, as well as the projects’ progress and impacts, thus generating a record that allows us to share experiences.